Research is for everyone. 

At Muhlenberg, research is a fundamental example of hands-on learning and a distinct part of the undergraduate experience.

Three students are situated around a table in a studio, having a discussion.

It provides a space where problems can be dissected, questions pulled apart — it’s a space where new ideas emerge, are tested and refined.

Our students conduct research in disciplines across campus, including the arts and humanities, as well as the natural and social sciences. Some are examining the disruption of memory in slime mold while others are exploring the liminal relationship between book and body. 

Your research experience will leave you with so much more than the answers you set out to explore. The opportunity to work with faculty to design, execute and present your findings will unlock a new level of understanding in the world and your own potential.

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Summer Research

Intensive research opportunities are available for students over the summer months. These experiences to collaborate with faculty on research in any field — be it the natural sciences or humanities — can be student- or faculty-driven and are funded through a variety of sources.

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Semester Research

Research efforts don’t stop when classes return. It’s during the school year that many students visit conferences to present findings from research projects, including those that spanned the summer months. Find out how to continue or jumpstart research projects during the fall and spring semesters.

Research at Muhlenberg

From the Source

A student with curly black and blue hair kneels next to a tree on campus and looks off into the distance.
A student in a white lab coat smiles at the camera while standing in front of a brick wall.
A student stands on a college campus in a flowered blouse.
A student flips through photography negatives inside a dark room.

“I want to inspire others to be interested in what I find fascinating — how people communicate with one another.” — Riot Orellana '24 , Psychology Major Read Riot's Story

“I really enjoyed learning how to design and execute the research from every corner of it. You just really become intimate with the scientific process. And you gain a lot of discipline from that.” — Liam Safran '23 , Predental Neuroscience Major Read Liam's Story

“If we don’t understand the different arguments and emotions associated with headgear, it’ll be really hard to implement headgear on a widespread level.” — Shivani Iyer '23 , Predental Biology Major Read Shivani's Story

“I really think I have the tools to ask the right questions and use creative methods and work with others and collaborate and communicate to drive scientific progress.” — Sam McDonough '24 , Psychology and French & Francophone Studies Double Major Summer Check-in Sam McDonough
Research and Scholarship at Muhlenberg

Always Questioning

Muhlenberg students conduct research in every field imaginable. Whether within the sciences, humanities or arts, our Mules are exploring and discovering.


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