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A female professor leans over the shoulder of a student looking at a packet of materials in a classroom.


✓ Major✓ Certificate
Business Administration class

Accelerated Programs

✓ Major✓ Accelerated
A copy of the Declaration of Independence sits atop an American flag.

American Studies

✓ Major✓ Certificate
A woman stands in front of a digital presentation of data and information.


✓ Minor
Gloved hands hold a piece of a model skull. A book open to pages of skull anatomy lay open on the desk nearby.


✓ Major✓ Minor✓ Certificate
Hands of a student are visible marking down data in a notebook.

Applied Analytics

✓ Certificate✓ Graduate✓ 4+1
A group of students and instructors examine large prints of artwork on a drafting table.

Art History

✓ Major✓ Minor✓ Certificate
A class of students watch a traditional Japanese tea ceremony demonstration.

Asian Studies

✓ Minor
A female professor speaks with a student while pointing to a container of budding plants.


✓ Major
A student works with male professor in a lab.


✓ Major✓ Certificate
Two students stand in front of a classroom, giving a presentation, while a man in a suit looks on, chin resting in his hands.

Business Administration

✓ Major✓ Minor✓ Certificate
A female student interacts with a male professor in a lab. Beakers and scientific instruments are arrayed on the table in front of them.


✓ Major✓ Minor✓ Certificate
A student, head in hands, works on a laptop in a classroom. An instructor stands at a desk nearby.

Computer Science

✓ Major✓ Minor✓ Certificate
A Black student poses in a dancing posture, legs stretched wide and arm extended upwards, while wearing black dancing attire.


✓ Major✓ Minor
A student holding a paper talks with a female professor while they stand in front of a white board filled with formulas, graphs and data.


✓ Major✓ Minor✓ Certificate
A student, kneeling down between two elementary school students, writes on construction red paper with a neon green marker in a grade school classroom.


✓ Certificate
A woman in a black shirt and red cardigan holds a book in one hand as she stands besides a full bookstore shelf.

English & Creative Writing

✓ Major✓ Certificate
A student reads from a green book in a classroom. Open laptops, coffee cups and cans cover the table in front of him and another student, out of focus, sits near the front of the photo.

English Literatures

✓ Major✓ Minor
A cluster of canoes full of students wearing life vests float along a river with grassy, tree-filled banks and a blue sky.

Environmental Science

✓ Major✓ Minor
A student sits on a blanket on the floor in a darkened room with a green screen behind. A camera stands in the foreground, recording the scene.

Film Studies

✓ Major✓ Minor
A student stands, arms crossed, in a light blue blouse and black slacks in a city park, surrounded by gleaming skyscrapers.


✓ Major✓ Certificate
A group of people gather around a table scattered with documents, spreadsheets and a laptop.

Healthcare Management

✓ Accelerated
A group of four students gather around an large, aged book that sits atop a big gray pillow. One of the students is carefully turning a yellowed page and peering at its contents.


✓ Major✓ Minor✓ Certificate
A man is speaking at a podium to a room full of people. Rows of flags from many different countries hang from the ceiling.

International Studies

✓ Major✓ Certificate
Colorful painted tiles make up an image of the Star of David, set into a stone structure.

Jewish Studies

✓ Major✓ Minor
A  female student sits in a workplace setting with computers and screens. A group of male professionals are situated around her in the room. All are wearing lanyards and headsets and watching screens or monitors.


✓ Major✓ Minor✓ Certificate
A female student wearing a name tag speaks to a group of elementary-age students in a classroom.

Master of Arts in Teaching

✓ Graduate✓ 4+1
A female instructor stands over a group of students reviewing content on a row of computers. One of the students is pointing out information on the screen to the instructor.

Media & Communication

✓ Major✓ Minor✓ Certificate
A close-up of a person wearing a lab coat with a stethoscope draped around the neck.

Medical Leadership

✓ Certificate✓ Graduate
A male student plays violin in a dark performance space.


✓ Major✓ Minor
A student in a lab goat with gloved hands smiles as she handles a petri dish in a lab setting.


✓ Major
A Muhlenberg College banner hangs on a streetlight pole that stands in front of a tree with bright yellow fall foliage.

Organizational Leadership

✓ Certificate✓ Graduate
An instructor kneels down in front of a student in a classroom and speaks with that individual.


✓ Major✓ Minor
A closeup of two hands taking a part some sort of electronic device in a lab setting.


✓ Major✓ Minor
An instructor stands in front of a classroom, back against a blackboard, and speaks.

Political Science

✓ Major✓ Minor✓ Certificate
Two students in white lab coats and gloves lean in together to examine the contents of a petri dish.


✓ Preprofessional
A person in a suit sits on the marble steps of a stately building, his leather bag sitting beside him.


✓ Preprofessional
Egner Memorial Chapel is seen against a blue sky with leafy trees in the foreground.


✓ Preprofessional
The screen of a project management system shows parts of a project timeline on a calendar.

Project Management

✓ Certificate✓ Accelerated
Two students pour through magazines scattered on a table in a library during a research project, with open laptops nearby.


✓ Major✓ Certificate
Two signs, explaining the potential dangers of radon, are displayed during a public health community event.

Public Health

✓ Major✓ Minor
An instructor looks over a spread of prints on a desk that a student is pointing at.

Religion Studies

✓ Major✓ Minor✓ Certificate
Bright red modern sculpture Victors Lament stands in the foreground, with the historic Haas clocktower in the distance.

Russian Studies

✓ Major✓ Minor✓ Certificate
A female instructor stands outside of a college officer with her arms crossed.


✓ Major✓ Minor✓ Certificate
A female instructor points to places on a map of Latin America as students look on during a study abroad information session.


✓ Major✓ Minor✓ Certificate
A group of students stand at a chalkboard, some looking at papers in their hands and one of them writing on the board before them.


✓ Minor
A male instructor works on a piece of art in a studio as a student looks on.

Studio Art

✓ Major✓ Minor✓ Certificate
A student wearing garden gloves kneels at the edge of a garden area and works in the soil.

Sustainability Studies

✓ Major✓ Minor
A person dressed in elaborate costuming and blue makeup and yellow hair speaks on the stage during a theatre production.


✓ Major✓ Certificate
The silhouette of a woman looks at a large board of electronic data and maps.

Supply Chain Management

✓ Accelerated
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