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“Teaching at a place like Muhlenberg affords the opportunity to always make explicit how the content of my course is connected to other things that students are experiencing in their lives and courses.” — Leah Wilson , Assistant of Professor Neuroscience Read Leah's Story

“I have great students and I enjoy helping them figure out who they are as composers and exposing them to new ideas. It is deeply rewarding.” — Andrew Ardizzoia , associate professor of music Read Andrew's Story

“Some of the best teaching experiences I’ve had have been with non-majors, some of whom are really scared to take college science classes.” — Sahar Sadeghi , associate professor of sociology Read Sahar's Story

“Student questions challenge me to come up with new ideas and new ways of looking at things.” — Jeff Rudski , professor of psychology Read Jeff's Story
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  • Muhlenberg's 'WorldViews' Fall Program Begins September 26

    The College's Institute for Religious and Cultural Understanding works to cultivate awareness of religious and cultural diversity locally, nationally and internationally. The 'WorldViews' program hosts guests who share their experiences, values, culture and religion — and encourages audiences to imagine the world through the guests' lens.

  • AI Revolution: How Will it Shape Data Analytics?

    Assistant Professor of Computer Science Hamed Yaghoobian writes about how AI is already creating a paradigm shift in the data analytics industry, and why institutions like Muhlenberg are integrating AI into their Master’s in Applied Analytics programs.

  • Lehigh Valley Quality of Life Survey: Perceptions of Environmental Quality

    A new Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion survey, co-authored by students and commissioned by the nonprofit news outlet, the Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation and the Lehigh Valley Partnership, finds residents are concerned about the loss of open spaces.